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Who is Pomp?

Hip-Modern-Stylish-Fun Event Rentals

Pomp Parties is a fun, funky fresh Cleveland-based event rental company serving Ohio, Pittsburgh and Detroit. From jaw-dropping galas to cozy gatherings, we’ve got the hip, stylish event rental furniture that’ll make your guests do a double-take and give those interior design enthusiasts some serious FOMO. Pomp’s white glove delivery service makes sure you don’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing. We’ll be there on time, place your immaculate items just where you want them and be back to pick up when the event is over.

Ready to Shop Our KickAss rental Inventory?

Ready to Shop Our KickAss rentals?

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Let’s talk about why POMP’S event rental furniture is the cat’s pajamas; We’re not here to blend in; we’re all about standing out. You know that feeling when you walk into an event and it’s like deja vu? The same old furniture that’s been making its rounds? Our collection is a breath of fresh air in a sea of predictability. Our collection is hip, unconventional and stylish with pieces you won’t find anywhere else; deep enough to accommodate large-scale events and diverse enough so no two events look the same.

Pomp is different than other companies. We offer gorgeous event rental furniture AND design. 

It starts with a visit to our wonderland of a warehouse so you can see our pieces first-hand. Already know us? To save time, create a wishlist online, submit it and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours with a quote. Our white glove delivery ensures your furniture arrives on time, is set up exactly how you want it and picked up without you lifting a finger. Need help with designing your event? We’re there! We’ll meet over a Pomptini to discuss your vibe, pick the perfect pieces and put together a lookbook so you’ll know exactly what to expect.  

It Started With A Backpack

Meet Tracey: Founder + Creative Director

I said Sayonara to the corporate rat race, sold all my possessions and hit the road for a 2 year solo backpacking journey around the world. My goal; to attend the most epic celebrations the world had to offer. From Venetian Masquerade Balls to Thailand Full Moon Parties and everything in between, I rubbed elbows with the most venerated event planners in the world. When I returned home, I wanted to recreate those magical moments in my own way and Pomp Parties was born! 

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Event Planners! We Love You.

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Couples! We Love You Too!

We’re the best friend you never knew you needed. Tired of using the same tables, chairs, bars and lounge furniture for your events? Then get to know Pomp! We’ve got a vast array of pristine, hip, sophisticated furniture just waiting for you at our Cleveland warehouse. If you’re looking for a truly unique aesthetic your clients will love, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our kickass inventory online or schedule a warehouse visit and start dreaming!

Do you have an upcoming event but don’t have a planner? No worries, we’ve got your back! There’s nothing we love more than designing events that truly reflect your vibe and the uniqueness of you. Book a time to visit our Cleveland warehouse and we can begin the magic of picking the perfect pieces and designing your event.

We’ve been told we’re like soulmates for stressed-out planners.

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Brands Pomp
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Think glitz, glam, and a whole lot of fun - we’re talking about rubbing shoulders with legends from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and even the gridiron greatness of the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins. We’ve hosted private parties for Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees, where the stories are as legendary as the players themselves. And let’s not forget the mind-blowing adventures at the Cleveland Science Center, where we’ve merged science and style to create unforgettable events. These collaborations have been like sprinkles on the cupcake of life - adding that dash of excitement to every experience.

Pomp has worked with:

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