Meet Pomp

Yep, we’re named Pomp, but here’s the secret, (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone), you get all the pomp without the circumstance.  Are you a super busy momma or couple? Do you envision the perfect party but don’t know how to realize it? Big on dreams but small on creativity? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. Pomp is a vibrant, fresh, visionary company born of passion, quality and creativity. Our mission is to expand the mindset and create shared extraordinary moments by designing events that showcase your individual style and personality. We’ve combed the globe for unique furniture and props you can’t find anywhere else, stamping your event with your very own unique style. The best part, wait for it, you decide how involved you want to be. You don’t have to do a thing except show up as your charming, beautiful self or we can collaborate every step of the way. The design structure is completely up to you.


Sleeping late

6. Fav. weekend activity

Real Housewives

5. Guilty pleasure

Make a mean pizza

4. Secret talent

Dirty Martini

3. Cocktail order

Venice please

2. Vacation of choice

Tacos! For life.

1. Favorite food

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12. Fav. Instagrammer

 My mom, of course!

11. Role Model

Give me the salt

10. Sweet or Salty?

Ryan Gossling

9. Celeb Crush


8. Take my money...

Alabama Shakes

7. Favorite Band

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Tacos, travel, Ryan Gossling... Time to reveal a few of my obsessions. See anything we have in common?

The Quiz


You can pretty much find me in overalls, a well-worn graphic T and my pink converse any day of the week. I spent A LOT of years in the corporate rat race climbing the ladder I thought I was “supposed” to be on. But, there was always this little, calm voice, quietly tapping me on the shoulder whispering, “you were meant for more.” Finally, after 30 years, want to know what I did? It’s pretty radical—I sold all my possessions, bought a used backpack, an airline ticket, and travelled around the world for two years. My goal was to visit every continent and renowned event that existed on the planet. It took me from Ballo Del Doge in Venice (which you must attend in your lifetime, it will blow your mind), to Spain’s running of the bulls, to Rio Carnivale, to Thailand’s Full Moon Party. I came back knowing I wanted to create my own accessible renditions. Life is filled with hardship. We all need a little magic thrown in. From the time my hiking boots hit the Cleveland dirt I knew what I wanted to do.   And Pomp was born.

Owner, creative director and globetrotting buyer of all things beautiful. 

Meet chris >

This little gem of a woman is my person, and, after five seconds of meeting her, she’ll be yours. Her genius lies in putting you at ease, reading, understanding and translating your vibe, all the time warming your heart and quietly becoming your BFF. With specialties in design and logistics she can make your most outlandish dream a reality. Want your bridal table in a stream? Yep, she’s done it. Want your reception in the middle of a candlelit forest. Not a problem. Recreate a Wizard of Oz set design in your backyard? Easy Peasy. In a nut shell, Chris is your big dream big fan.

Partner in creativity, dream consultant and 5’1 mighty mouse. 


Meet Kim >

Know the exact fabric you want on the exact couch you can’t find? There’s no better woman to bring this dream to life. With years of experience as a seamstress and upholster, Kim creates one of a kind table scapes, backdrops, draping and upholstered seating to set your heart on fire. She’ll meet you at the warehouse with a huge smile and a glass of bubbly (yep, we love our champagne), then walk you through your options. You’ll leave having exactly what you want and a new friend to boot.  



Meet Jillian >

This is Pomp’s secret magic bullet. Jillian puts all of the spice into our secret sauce and after she’s done stirring her unique ideas, you’ve got a perfectly curated event with your personality popping up in the most unexpected, but pleasing places. It’s unusual to find a type A artist but, yes she does exist—thank goodness!! Not only does she come up with her own ideas but seamlessly melds our vision with yours while incorporating all of the big elements like furniture and signature pieces down to the finest detail like china and personal signage to create your one of a kind event.  



Meet Henry >


Oh Henry! He’s my adorable, gregarious 4 year old son who comes up with all of those snazzy names that grace our killer inventory. I could NEVER come up with things like “swizzle stick sticky table” if my life depended on it. For that entertainment, you can thank this little dude.


Meet harlan >

Oh Harlan! He’s my adorable, active, 2 year old son whose energy knows no bounds. Neither does his cuteness. Why, oh why, does he have such long eyelashes when mine are 2 millimeters? No fair! Harlan is our little model you’ll see driving his racecars up and down couches, trying out the bounciness of fluffy pillows and hanging out inside our props. He checks out the quality and we do the control.  


Meet Pip >

Come to our warehouse and be prepared to be licked head to toe. We hope you’re ok with a little puppy love. Pip came into Pomp’s life three years ago when we found him as a puppy running along some Cleveland railroad tracks. We opened our car door, he jumped in and the rest is history. Want to know the best part of owning your own business? Bringing your dog to work. Hands down, THE BEST!

Pip the Pup

Meet Tracey >