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Our dream clients are lovers, dreamers and adventurers with wanderlust that won’t quit. Your philosophy is there are no wrong turns, you love out of the box experiences, you don’t mind a wine stain, you’d rather be barefoot on the dancefloor than eating a six course meal, you’re generous with friends and welcome puppy kisses. We work with brides, event planners, photographers, florists, and all who want to throw an unforgettable party. Choose from one of our curated themes or design a vibe all your own. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t worry! We’re experts in scouring the globe and finding the perfect thing you’ll love. We make two overseas trips a year in search of unique finds, so let us know what your heart is set on and our heart will be set on finding it.

 “Can’t Miss Party of the Year.” 

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Shimmy your fine self over to our treasure trove of a warehouse and we’ll spend a little time dreaming together. You’re about to experience event planning, Pomp style. We greet you with a smile, glass of champagne and perfectly iced cupcake. Know exactly what you want? Shop. Not quite sure? We’ll help find things that are perfectly you. Then you’ll shop.


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This is the fun part. Meander, relax on our couches, pick out a tune, ask questions, take photos, read one of our vintage books. We don’t care what you do. Just make yourselves at home and have fun.



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Decide on your pieces then we’ll give you a quote.

50% will be due at time of contract signing and 50% due 2 weeks before your event.



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We deliver, unpack and set up. We pick up, repack and return, all whenever and wherever you want. Presto!



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Ahhhh….the party is over. You were elegantly charming in your perfect party dress, the food will be talked about for months and the décor, well, the décor…you’ll be getting calls from all your friends asking where on earth you found that gorgeous, gold gilded, French couch placed in front of the perfectly flumed fire. “Why, Pomp,” you answer. And the process begins again. 



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Our process



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I’m a busy mom of four and, while I wanted something special for my daughter’s first birthday, just didn’t have the time to execute it. I heard of Pomp through a friend and came to them with a very hazy vision of a woodland, fox and hound theme. They thought of every last detail and turned our backyard into a wonderland. The kids grabbed snacks from a woodland dessert bar that was so beautiful it should have been in a magazine. They swept through our yard like fairy god mothers and set the tables with wildflowers, wooden candles sticks, miniature foxes and hounds, and details I could have never dreamt of. I’m still crushing on those custom cookies and macaroons. You guys were the best!

—Carli Evilsizer

Ummm…I don’t even know what to say. Beyond happiness. I wanted a Wizard of Oz party for my 3 year old son and these goddesses came in, created a yellow brick road down our driveway, an emerald city on our patio and haunted woods along our garden path. Not only that but she brought a full set of costumed munchkins to greet the kids and lead them on an Emerald City scavenger hunt. Such an amazing night my little guy will never forget. Thank you Pomp, you made it even more magical than I imagined.

- Karen Grassi

Tracey is very creative and fun to work with, and Pomp’s inventory is extensive and unique! Cleveland needed a new prop house for events and Pomp fills that need beautifully!


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